Drywall Screw

Drywall screws are self-tapping with a cylindrical shaft and a Phillips Bulge Head for control. Installers use a drywall screw with a specialized tool to avoid paper tearing.

Drywall screws excel due to their Bugle Head, ensuring a flush fit with the surface, resulting in a smooth and even finish for the sheet.

Less prone to getting pulled through the wood due to Bugle Head.

This type of head also helps prevent the drywall screw from breaking the paper surface, a common problem with nails.

Easy to install and remove.

Relatively Cheap.

At least 3 times the pull-out strength of nails.

S.S Screw

Stainless steel screws secure diverse materials, their pricing in India fluctuates based on material grade and seller capacity for a wide range of applications.

We're a leading supplier of stainless steel fasteners, ensuring competitive pricing. Our production includes Flat Head Stainless Steel Screws for applications with even surfaces.

Our Stainless Steel Screws, including 410-grade variants, feature specialized designs like Flange and Button Heads, providing effective fastening with reduced surface friction. Various shapes and types available, including Dome Head Screws.

A longstanding manufacturer and exporter, specializing in high-integrity Thread Cutting Screws, including Lag screws, Metric Screws, and SS Screws, among others.